Date of Award

Summer 2018

Thesis Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Science


Health Professions

Committee Member(s)

Sarah Slocum Freeman PhD, BCBA-D

Kristyn Dawn McKenney

Stephanie Kincaid PhD, BCBA-D

Supervising Faculty Member

Dr. Sarah Slocum


Two to four subjects diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or related disabilities will undergo a functional analysis to ensure hand-clapping is maintained by automatic reinforcement. A secondary analysis (sensory analysis) will be conducted to assess different stimuli that are sensory-stimulating. Finally, a function-based noncontingent reinforcement (NCR) procedure using sensory stimuli will be applied to reduce the target behavior, and the schedule of reinforcement will be thinned. We expect a decrease in hand-clapping when the function-based treatment is implemented. This research will further elucidate how NCR can impact behavior maintained by automatic reinforcement.

Rights Holder

Nicolette Yatros