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Open Access

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Master in Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Science

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Stephanie Kincaid

Michele Williams

Eb Blakely

Supervising Faculty Member

Stephanie Kincaid


The purpose of this study was to assess the resurgence of caregiver and therapist behavior using three-phase and four-phase resurgence procedures. Two experiments were conducted to determine if caregiver and therapist behavior resurges, and if so, which procedure resulted in less resurgence. In Experiment 1, three undergraduates participated, sessions took place in a research suite, and participants were supposed to complete the three and four-phase procedures. However, only one of the three participants contacted the contingency, and a resurgence of caregiving occurred following the three-phase procedure. In Experiment 2, three registered behavior technicians (RBTs) participated, sessions took place in classrooms, and participants completed both three and four-phase procedures. Resurgence was observed for all participants in this study.

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Gabrielle Wiggins