Date of Award

Spring 2016

Thesis Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Honors Bachelor of Arts




Dr. Emmanuel Kodzi

Committee Member

Dr. Tom Lairson

Committee Member

Dr. Nancy Decker


Many YouTube channels today operate not only as miniature media outlets, but as fully functional media companies operating independently through advertising revenue. The top creators of content on YouTube bring in millions of dollars of revenue each year. This thesis seeks to answer the question of how content creators can harness the power of brand management strategy in order to maximize revenue and grow their audiences over time. I overview current trends among content creators industry-wide, and then focus on a group of channels to analyze their brand management habits on- and off-line. I then examine data from brands’ videos across industry verticals to identify possible effects of certain content strategies on video viewcounts. Finally, I explore the application of these insights in a detailed case study of a YouTube channel, and make actionable recommendations for its brand.


A research thesis focusing on the brand management strategies of full-time YouTube creators.

Rights Holder

Samantha Perry