Date of Award

Spring 2022

Thesis Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Honors Bachelor of Arts




Tres Loch

Committee Member

Paul Reich

Committee Member

Raghabendra KC


The purpose of this thesis is to analyze consumer eating patterns through the emergence of COVID-19, and explain the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Meal Kit industry. Through the utilization of qualitative and quantitative analysis, the paper will apply source material to the research question. The research question for this study is: “How did COVID-19's emergence impact the Meal Kit industry?” An overarching theme is social behaviors adaptation. Adaptations occurred as a result of COVID-19's emergence. The qualitative data suggests the behaviors correlated with the strengths and weaknesses of the Meal Kit industry. A key finding revealed in the research was that COVID-19's emergence caused more cooking at home, which increased the value of the Meal Kit’s offerings. The implication of this thesis moving forward is that it can be used as a reference once the COVID-19 pandemic ends, to conduct further study into its impacts on the Meal Kit industry.

Rights Holder

Dorian Bizeau