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Dissertation - Rollins Access Only

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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Dr. James P. Johnson

Second Advisor

Dr. Misty L. Loughry


This dissertation research proposal examines the organizational learning processes in Mexican companies. Based on the literature review of the organizational learning field and using the 4-I framework proposed by Crossan, Lane, and White (1999) this dissertation will explore the differences between services and manufacturing firms. It proposes that, given the nature of services companies, the organizational learning sub-processes of intuiting, interpreting, integrating, and institutionalizing are different for services firms compared to manufacturing firms. It also proposes that the link between organizational learning processes and organizational performance is also different between services and manufacturing firms. Hypotheses are formulated accordingly.

With a sample of over 1,000 alumni of IPADE, the prominent business school in Mexico, this research used ANOVA tests to analyze the differences in the sub-processes between services and manufacturing firms. It also used partial least squares (PLS) analysis to assess the link between organizational learning processes and organizational performance.

This research found a strong relationship between the individual organizational learning sub-processes of intuiting and interpreting and firm performance. Furthermore, manufacturing firms have a stronger relationship than services firms between the institutionalizing sub-process and firm performance. However, no significant differences were found in the mean scores for the organizational learning processes between manufacturing and services firms. This research provides an insight on how the service encounters and the opportunity for learning at the individual level should be encouraged for better firm performance.