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The Indian film industry produces more movies and sells more tickets than any other movie industry, with revenues second only to those of the US film industry. We employ a two-by-two research design using a set of multiple regression analyses for two different countries of destination for Bollywood movies for two dependent variables. By examining data and testing our hypotheses on a sample of 330 films, we identify effects related to brand, product, distribution and consumers on opening week as well as total box office sales both individually and collectively. Our results show that the categories of variables affecting Bollywood opening week sales for both countries are identical in order and importance (distribution, product, brand, consumer variables). For total box office sales they are similar, with the exception of the first category. For the UK it was consumer-related while in the US it was distribution-related, followed then for both countries by product- and brand-related variables. Our results underscore previous findings of Hollywood movies, indicating that movie success factors are global rather than regional or national.


This is an Author's Accepted Manuscript of an article published in the JOURNAL OF GLOBAL MARKETING. [2010] [copyright Taylor & Francis], available online at:

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