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Spring 1-9-2023


Purpose: This investigation analyzes Asian, European, and North American coverage of esports’ justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) issues as a case study of media organizations’ communications on these topics.

Design/methodology/approach: This quantitative content analysis describes coverage of esports’ race, gender, age, and social class issues to draw inferences about media organizations’ abilities to meet their social responsibilities when reporting on organizational JEDI issues.

Findings: There were significant differences across continents; however, most stories only mentioned gender and age, seldom noting esports’ race or social class issues.

Research limitations/implications: Although all stories analyzed were published in English, the findings extend research suggesting culture may shape the tones, frames, and salience of social justice issues in the media.

Practical implications: JEDI issues were not the most prominent topic in at least 80% of the coverage, indicating the normative framework guiding professional journalism since the Cold War fails to guide responsible engagement with contemporary social justice issues.

Originality/value: As one of the first studies analyzing media coverage of organizational JEDI issues, the results of this content analysis (N = 763) provide a quantitative basis for a critique of media organizations’ social responsibility when reporting on these issues.


Corporate Communications: An International Journal

Publication Date: January 9, 2023

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Faculty Publications