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This case explores two Haiti-based organizations, one a non-profit (REBUILD globally) and one a sustainable fashion business (deux mains), that work interdependently to combat poverty through business. The business model addresses complex social, economic, and environmental issues prominent in Haiti and provides actionable solutions consumers can take through their purchases to help alleviate negative outcomes the fashion industry has had in the world. By presenting a ‘successful’ hybrid model for sustainable fashion, the authors offer challenges and opportunity for how the fashion industry can create positive influence in emerging countries while meeting demands presented by the growing consumer segment in developed markets. From this discussion, the questions of how to grow and replicate the business in order to increase positive impact are posed. The case is framed within Epstein and Yuthas (2014) model to identify inputs and activities to achieve organizational vision as well as desired outputs and outcomes.

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Eco-Friendly and Fair: Fast Fashion and Consumer Behaviour (book)


eBook ISBN - 9781351058353