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The purpose of this study was to investigate the reliability and validity of a new 11-item measure of aggressive driving, the Aggressive Driving Behavior Scale, which focuses on behaviors rather than cognitions, emotions, or motivational states. Based on a sample of 200 undergraduates, 111 women and 89 men), the study examined the convergent validity of the new scale with measures of hostility, hypercompetitiveness, and aggressive thoughts and emotions experienced during driving. A principal component analysis of the Aggressive Driving Behavior Scale (alpha = .80) yielded two factors that form reliable subscales labeled Speeding and Conflict Behavior. As expected, the total scale and the two subscales correlated with hostility, hypercompetitiveness, as well as aggressive driving-related thoughts and emotions. The results suggest that the scale can be used as a research tool and a self-assessment instrument.

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The Aggressive Driving Behavior Scale: Developing a self- report measure of unsafe driving practices.


ISSN 1527-7143