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The First World War offers primary and secondary digitized content spread over four modules. The first module, Personal Experiences, focuses on the daily lives of men and women during wartime and addresses issues such as trench warfare, battle, training, death, and daily life in the military. The materials found in this module include diaries, letters, oral histories, cartoons, trench maps, and even sheet music. Propaganda and Recruitment addresses morale, censorship, recruitment, dissension, and propaganda development and includes posters, recruitment materials, tribunal case files, and papers from the UK Ministry of Information and the Kriegspresseamt in Berlin. Visual Perspectives and Narratives relies on photographs, books and pamphlets, diaries, film clips, and museum objects to convey the story of education, society, entertainment, women and children, and demobilization during the Great War. A fourth module, Global Conflict, due out sometime in 2018, moves away from the Eurocentric view of the war to address often overlooked areas such as the Middle East. The First World War also offers attractive added features such as interactive maps, which give timelines for key events, and a virtual trench tour.

Currently, 23 libraries, museums, and document repositories in Great Britain and the Commonwealth countries, Europe, and the United States, including the UK Imperial War Museum, the US National WWI Museum, and the Bibliothek für Zeitgeschichte of Stuttgart have partnered with Adam Matthew to digitize content. The well-rounded editorial board includes several renowned scholars from around the world, including Yale historian Jay Winter, who cowrote and coproduced the highly regarded PBS series The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century.

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