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Fall 2012


The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine is familiar to Victorian scholars largely because its contributors included William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones (the most famous members of the set that produced the magazine) and because Dante Gabriel Rossetti published several poems there. For the magazine’s first readers, however, its most important feature was not the identity of individual contributors but the fact that it was produced by college students. The magazine was a group project, produced not just by Morris and Burne-Jones but by their whole set. Morris’s and Burne-Jones’s contributions are well-known, and their biographies never fail to mention the magazine as a formative experience. But it could not have been produced were it not for the other members of the set, especially William Fulford, who edited all but the first issue. By focusing on the now-forgotten members of the set, this article reveals the context in which the Oxford and Cambridge Magazine was produced and the “thoughts and language current among the young men” who produced it.

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William Fulford, “The Set,” and The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine