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“Friendship as Method,” appendix of the book In Solidarity: Friendship, Family, and Activism Beyond Gay and Straight (Routledge 2015), overviews the author's approach to and philosophy of research. She defines friendship, posits it as a kind of fieldwork, and lays the methodological foundations of friendship as method. After arguing that friendship as method involves researching with the practices, at the pace, and in the natural contexts of friendship, the author describes this approach’s strengths and considerations for both researcher and participants. To learn more, visit the book's website:


Material has been adapted from the author's Ph.D. dissertation, Life Projects (Tillmann-Healy 1998), her book Between Gay and Straight (Tillmann-Healy 2001; used with permission, AltaMira Press), and an article published in Qualitative Inquiry (Tillmann-Healy 2003; used with permission, Sage Publications).

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