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The Crummer Investment Management team has the responsibility of managing the Crummer SunTrust Portfolio. Guided by the investment policy statement, our team's focus was on making appropriate investment decisions based on the portfolio's overarching objectives. This year, we were mindful of protecting the value of the portfolio during periods of economic decline. Achieving this objective will allow us to generate cash to support on-going donations to Crummer's scholarship program. In a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty, we have created an economic outlook for the rest of 2020 through Q1 2021. We gathered information, studied economic indicators, and carefully watched the behavior of the market during the past year, especially during the first quarter of 2020. To aid our investment decisions, we had in-depth discussions with well-respected economic analysts and industry-leading experts. Through these discussions, we formed our consensus on the coming twelve months’ investment environment. The environment strongly influenced the design of the portfolio and how we selected stocks. The Crummer SunTrust Portfolio is risk-averse and, we believe, should be invested in socially responsible companies. We searched for investment opportunities that were both significantly discounted against market value and carried a high Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) rank.