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Danie Forero (b. 1999), Florida

My work focuses on the connections and disparities between Colombian and Mexican cultures and their influence upon my upbringing. The imagery that forms the foundation and background of my paintings is grounded in my personal recollection of the mountain ranges of Colombia formed through recent visits and family stories. The patterns overlaid upon the landscape allude to my Mexican heritage and are inspired by the handmade ceramic tiles which have over time become visually equated with Mexican culture. The vibrant palette and bold designs reference these decorative craft traditions, yet are equally reminiscent of the brightly colored embroidered clothing worn by my mother in my early memories.

The composite form of my work echoes the fragmented quality of the narratives that inform the visuals, which I pieced together from momentary interactions and experiences that provide only partial knowledge. The repeated and overlapping geometric forms attempt to bring together the Colombian and Mexican traditions that otherwise would remain unlinked. By producing these combinations that force an interaction between landscape and pattern, I am closing the distance between my separate but related cultural heritages, transforming a superficial awareness into a rich and expansive visual experience.

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The Cornell Fine Arts Museum in collaboration with the Department of Art and Art History at Rollins College is pleased to present Frame of Reference, an exhibition debuting the work of five senior Studio Art majors from the class of 2020.

In this piece, artist Danie Forero explores her Columbian-Mexican heritage and connects the two through landscape and pattern.

Information about the art works featured in this one-time exhibition can be found at:


30.5 cm x 152.4 cm x 5 cm


watercolor and gouache on wooden panels

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painting, watercolor, gouache, Columbia, Mexico, family history, ancestry, family, patterns, landscape, heritage, ceramics, embroidery, geometric, tradition, cultural heritage, culture


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