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Prograde & Retrograde

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My work explores the role of food in shaping identity and developing relationships among people. I am inspired by my broad range of personal experiences growing up in a culturally diverse household that specialized in Cajun and Colombian style cooking. From my experiences of eating out with friends, to taking cooking classes abroad, to sharing nightly dinners with my family, these are all examples of special moments in my life that were accompanied by food. Considered in this lens, food has greatly impacted my identity and the ways I have bonded with friends and family. My watercolor paintings of group meals address the role that food plays in bringing people together.

My chosen medium of watercolor allows me to create washed out hues which maintain an ephemerality through the translucency of paint layers. These elements are useful for portraying both the experiential immediacy and sense of memory associated with the captured moments within my paintings. The small scale of the subjects in these works emphasize the surrounding empty backgrounds and encourage viewers to focus on the subjects while speculating about the environments they occupy. Ultimately, my work is meant to prompt viewers to consider how sharing meals builds and maintains relationships. While contemplating this body of work, viewers are invited to consider the role that food has had in shaping their own lives.

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8 in x 11 in


Watercolor painting on watercolor paper

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watercolor, painting, food, identity, relationships, cooking, cajun, columbian, columbia, meals, family meals, group meals, nostalgia, emotion


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