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Andrea Czafit (b. 1998), Sanford FL

Many citizens regularly enter municipal facilities in their communities without considering the foundational histories embedded within. To heighten awareness of these overlooked infrastructural politics, this work emphasizes the capitalist-catering tendencies rooted within biased and dismissive media coverage of minority residents and communities, leading to their disenfranchisement.

Developed from a curated selection of archival records associated with my hometown of Sanford, Florida, the works that form this project highlight the detrimental impact of the city’s foundational policies on racial minorities and low-income residents. Photographs and newspaper articles offer evidence of how capitalist interests lead to discrimination that inhibits lower class livelihood through poor resource distribution and inequitable criminal justice. Visual alterations of overlaying and mark making disrupt these materials, pointing to the relationship between spatial histories and written records, making Sanford’s physical and ideological construction visible.

Presenting these documents in the form of reworked compositions, varied timelines are condensed into a visual amalgamation, stressing the continued pattern of exploitation and damaging transitions that perpetuate racial-class prejudices. A constructed newspaper takeaway completes the series, provoking viewers to consider how the media we consume reinforces harmful assumptions, while encouraging their participation in the production of new histories.


28 cm x 56 cm (11 in x 22 in per spread)


Newspaper (print on demand)

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Copyright 2021, Andrea Czafit. Reproduced with permission. The artists and/or collaborators who contribute to the Rollins College Student Art Gallery and Archive retain the rights to their own works. In making these collection materials available, Rollins College does not grant permission to reproduce or redistribute them, in part or in full. The College does not own the copyright to any of the materials, cannot grant any requests for permission to reproduce them, and will forward reproduction requests to the artists and/or collaborators.


photography, newspaper, newspaper articles, articles, archives, archival records, records, history, Sanford, Florida, capitalism, economics, social justice, racial justice, prejudice, infrastructure, classism, lower class, minorities, discrimination, local history, city planning


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