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Frame of Reference

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Kailee Blalock (b. 1997), Arlington VA

I consider myself to be a conscious observer, someone who pays attention to the intricate details of design and architectural spaces. Through intense engagement with 3D graphic visualization software, I have become fascinated by the concept of hidden geometry – a process specific to these programs that allow singular representations to retain multiple entities as ghosted patterns.

My process begins by rendering plausible architectural forms and optically altering them through linework, exposing the invisible seams and joints of their geometric structures. The realistic shading and crisp edges of the interior/exterior views seamlessly extend the bounds of physical place into an assertion of space. Exporting these fabrications as large-scale graphics further transforms the appearance of these digitally imagined structures, creating disorienting illusions.

Rendering abstract architectural plans for this purpose pushes the boundaries of the possible leading us to question commonly help presumptions of what is real, and what is imagined. The deliberately complex nature of these digitally actualized structures activates our sensory perception, challenging our understanding of space. As a flat image affixed to a wall, this work represents a place with no preconceived purpose or physical intent, instead offering the potential of imponderable space.

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The Cornell Fine Arts Museum in collaboration with the Department of Art and Art History at Rollins College is pleased to present Frame of Reference, an exhibition debuting the work of five senior Studio Art majors from the class of 2020.

In this piece, artist Kailee Blalock renders plausible architectural forms and optically alters them through line-work, exposing the invisible seams and joints of their geometric structures.

Information about the art works featured in this one-time exhibition can be found at: https://www.frameofreference2020seniorstudentexhibition.com/.


274.32 cm x 523.24 cm


This is a digital rendering of a composite pigment print on adhesive vinyl.

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3D, graphic design, geometry, architecture, optics, linework, space, illusions, reality, imagination, digital image, digital art