This collection is a searchable virtual gallery showcasing the work of graduating Rollins art majors and serves as a permanent digital archive for the final artworks of senior studio art students and alumni. The collection is a valuable teaching resource for studio art professors and a stable home for Rollins graduates who wish to feature or link to their art on the web. To browse and access the artworks of senior studio art majors before 2020 (covering the years from 2004 to 2019), consult this online collection space:

The artists and/or collaborators who contribute to the Rollins College Student Art Gallery and Archive retain the rights to their own works. Making these collection materials available online does not grant permission to reproduce or redistribute them, in part or in full. The administrator of this collection does not own the copyright to any of the materials, cannot grant any requests for permission to reproduce them, and will forward reproduction requests to the artists and/or collaborators. For questions or concerns reach out to Rollins College Digital Archivist Rachel Walton.


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