Operations Analysis of Behavioral Observation Procedures: A Taxonomy for Modeling in an Expert Training System

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This article introduces a taxonomy based on a procedural operations analysis (Verplanck, 1996) of various method descriptions found in the behavior observation research literature. How these alternative proceduresimpact the recording and subsequent analysis of behavioral events on the basis of the type of time and behavior recordings made is also discussed. The taxonomy was generated as a foundation for the continuing development of an expert training system called Train-to-Code (TTC; J. M. Ray & Ray, (Behavior Research Methods 40:673-693, 2008)). Presently in its second version, TTC V2.0 is software designed for errorlesstraining (Terrace, (Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 6:1-27, 1963)) of student accuracy and fluency in the direct observation and coding of behavioral or verbal events depicted via digital video. Two of16 alternative procedures classified by the taxonomy are presently modeled in TTC's structural interface and functional services. These two models are presented as illustrations of how the taxonomy guides software user interface and algorithm development. The remaining 14 procedures are described in sufficient operational detail to allow similar model-oriented translation.

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Behavior Research Methods





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