Global Sustainable Development Projects

Semester of Project Completion

Fall 2021

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Rollins Access Only

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education


This paper examines the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4, quality education. Over the years, technology has held an amazing part in allowing for education to advance and progress. Technology can give students in all different situations more access to quality education, as they can watch videos from exceptional teachers and professors if they live in an area with a lack of quality educators. One huge issue is the cost and availability of this technology and the aspects that come along with it, such as internet connection, high amounts of electricity, and constant updates and new versions being developed. There exists significant data showing a positive relationship between technology and student achievement. Specifically focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa would allow research to be more compact and in depth in relation to the issue at hand of lacking technological resources to obtain quality education. Sub-Saharan Africa is a region that significantly lacks access to technology and internet usage compared to other places around the world. This issue in Sub-Saharan Africa is necessary to research because they have already made some great advancements, however there is much more to analyze and propose solutions for. Sub-Saharan Africa houses people with very little access to education as well as an extreme lack of technological availability between resources and internet connection. The fact that these two things, education and technology, are both lacking in this area makes sense as they go hand in hand. The improvement of technology and internet availability will increase the amount and quality of education that should be available to these people.

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Danielle Zarcone