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Helen Linnemeier Watson came to Rollins College in 1956 as the Dean of Women. During her time with the College, Watson took a special interest in the quality of students' on-campus living conditions.

Watson was born on December 11, 1911, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. She earned her BA in psychology from Florida State College for Women [now FSU] and received her MA from Simmons College. Before coming to Rollins, Watson already had extensive job experience, including a series of posts at Webber College that culminated in her appointment as the college's president.

While at Rollins College, Watson was heavily involved in sorority life and the residence halls. She suggested that washers and dryers be installed in the girls' dorms and helped promote the idea that the campus should have a nighttime security guard. Watson was also a member of several organizations, including the National Association of Deans of Women, the National Education Association, and the Alpha Xi Delta sorority. In 1965, she was awarded the Rollins Decoration of Honor for her service to the institution.

Watson eventually became the Executive Director and Educational Consultant for the Collegiate Business Institute.

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Watson discusses riding an elephant on Park Ave. with President McKean

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Watson discusses the First Fox Day

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Watson discusses closing time

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Watson discusses how was Webber different from Rollins

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Watson discusses a successful student