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Connie Holt became a member of the Rollins community in 1985, as both a student of the Hamilton Holt School and a staff member in the registrar’s office. After several years, she took a staff position with the Holt School. Over the course of twenty-five years, Holt dedicated her time and service to the school and helped transform it to its present state.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Holt studied music for three years as an undergraduate at California Western University. In 1988, she completed her bachelor of arts degree at Rollins College in anthropology-sociology and went on to earn a master’s in counseling.

While studying at Rollins, Holt took advantage of the tuition remission program and worked in the registrar’s office. She was later appointed as Program Advisor for students in Graduate Studies for the counseling program at the Hamilton Holt School. A very active member in the community and on campus, Holt dedicated the remainder of her time to the Black Student Union, Diversity Committee, Student Life Committee, Rollins’ Gospel Choir, and the Kat Cadogan Home for Children.

In July 2005, Holt was honored with the “Something to Crow About" monthly award in recognition of her outstanding professional achievement with the Hamilton Holt School. In further acknowledgement of her twenty-five years of outstanding service and dedication to the College, Rollins awarded Holt the 2010 “Helen A. Crossley Distinguished Service Award.”

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Holt discusses what brought her to Rollins College

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Holt discusses some of the changes that she has seen on campus

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Holt discusses her academic work at Rollins, professors she had, and classes she liked better

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Holt discusses her work in the community

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Holt discusses some of her most significant events and memories at Rollins