The Olin Library Prize for Undergraduate Library Research is a $500 cash award established in 2018 to be offered annually to recognize excellence in undergraduate research projects that incorporate the use of library collections and that demonstrate sophisticated information literacy skills.

The library prize is different than other awards offered at Rollins because it focuses on the research process more than on the final product, and because it is open to any currently enrolled undergraduate student who has completed a research project for a credit course at Rollins.

The research project can be a traditional paper, a video, an artistic project, or any other academic project that incorporated heavy use of research materials. Projects created for an honors class or in conjunction with a professor are ineligible for this prize. For more information about how and when to apply for this prestigious award go to


Submissions from 2018


The Genetics of ADHD: A review of polymorphisms in neurotransmitter system genes, Ada Spahija