Date of Award

Summer 2021

Thesis Type

Rollins Access Only

Degree Name

Master of Liberal Studies


Dr. Yusheng Yao

Second Advisor

Dr. Julia Maskivker


The Enlightenment only happened in some countries, and it did not occur in other countries. There were several conditions in the Enlightenment countries that enabled the Enlightenment to emerge in those countries. The Enlightenment conditions increased the likelihood that the Enlightenment would emerge in the countries. A comparative analysis of Scotland, France, and Germany will determine the Enlightenment conditions for each country, and then identify the commonly shared conditions in all three countries. Through this comparison there might be universal conditions that tend to enable the Enlightenment to emerge. This information is useful in looking back on past Enlightenments, and provides some reasons why the Enlightenment emerged in some countries but not in others. There is also the potential for future Enlightenments that might occur, and these Enlightenment conditions can be useful in analyzing whether a country has the right circumstances for an Enlightenment.

Rights Holder

Eric Richardson