Date of Award

Fall 2015

Thesis Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Liberal Studies


Dr. Jana Mathews

Second Advisor

Dr. Matt Forsythe


This is a creative writing project titled Symposer’s Dream. The first part is the novel itself (seventy pages) and the second part is a research paper (fifteen pages). The novel is about a young former wall street guy who goes through a journey of a lifetime in search of meaning and a sense of belonging. He ends up travelling to the Canary Islands and eventually finds himself in Morocco where he discovers new truths and realities that end up changing his life. Many events in the story intertwine fiction and reality in such a way that make it challenging for the reader to determine which one is which. In fact, this blend of the real and the fantastic is very much a part of the Symposer’s Dream narration which focuses on magic realism as the main style of narration.

Rights Holder

Mehdi Taifi