Date of Award

Spring 2015

Thesis Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Liberal Studies


Dr. Rick Bommelje

Second Advisor

Dr. Donald Rogers


This is a comparative study of how to achieve highly effective leadership in foreign cultures. The collective findings reveal that effective leadership is significantly limited when not accompanied by conscious efforts to apply cultural intelligence as a leadership dynamic in global operations. It reviews the science of leadership in terms of visionary transformation of organizations by leaders and the application of cultural intelligence operating in foreign culture environments. It evaluates the effect of cultural differences in the key leadership areas of innovation, a primary determinate of effective organizational performance, and ethical behavior applied across different cultural groups. Published research from three formative industry studies, the GLOBE Research Project, the EU Study of Organizational Innovation in Foreign Operations, and the Resick et al. Study of Ethical Values and Leadership as well as published views from military experts by Barnes, Doty and Myers, form the theoretical models against which highly effective leadership and cultural intelligence can be measured. This study compares findings from a practical research project conducted by the author where a collection of interviews with established experts in international business and national defense and security operations are analyzed against the theoretical model. The findings test and validate the hypothesis that leadership cultural intelligence is a prerequisite for highly effective leadership in foreign-based operations. A recommendation is provided for organizations to consider when fielding ex-patriot and military leadership into foreign-based operations.

Rights Holder

Joseph C. Gelineau Jr.