Date of Award


Thesis Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Liberal Studies


Dr. Sharon Carnahan

Second Advisor

Dr. Patricia Lancaster


Reborn in Adversity describes the journey one young girl makes as she seeks to self-actualize amidst multiple risk factors or packages. Raised in an abusive, hypocritical, and assaultive family, the author is faced with crisis after crises along each milestone of life. Once she leaves her abusive family, the risks and crises multiply in magnitude and number. In this journey she exhibits multiple resiliency traits that allow at risk children to rebound from adversity. She does more than rebound, as she is convinced that she has become a “better person” than she would have been had she not been tested and tried at so many levels in so many ways. With the assistance of surrogates, mentors, spirituality, education, and more she learns to adapt to the crises and grow from them. Her life story is an example of thriving in adversity, and it provides insights into how she was able to resist succumbing to risk and be true to her self.