Date of Award


Thesis Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Liberal Studies


Joseph V. Siry

Second Advisor

Robert Smither


The focus of this thesis is to address and acknowledge issues identifying how applied science’s progressive impact can harm people in any society. The advancement of scientific technology can cause detrimental results to the general public. A few examples are dropping of the atomic bomb; prescription medications dispensed to patients before adequate testing studies have been completed; and scientific fraud. The scientific community promotes the scientist based on their research without thoroughly testing the theory or discovery. The scientist will go to extreme lengths to achieve specific results can cause damaging effects on society. Scientists can falsely influence society and gain the public’s trust. The underlying reason behind these issues may emanate from the scientist’s lack of human values when implementing a theory. Does “science” contribute and demonstrate to Western society only as a positive outcome? Do scientists’ discoveries only generate positive results when they are utilizing the effects on the general public? The purpose of this study is to acknowledge society’s perpetual faith in science and scientist’s theory. This thesis will not uncover the truth, because each individual views the “truth” differently. Rather will concentrate on how Western society views the truth and their trust in the scientist, physicians, and scientific community.