Date of Award


Thesis Type

Open Access

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Master of Liberal Studies


Dr. Joseph Siry

Second Advisor

Dr. Marc Sardy


Radically altering or expanding the worldview of an individual or the collective of society requires the interacting media to engage and invoke an emotional response. In many instances, film, educates and elucidates—thus facilitating a shift of perspective. By challenging the status quo and creating a definitive alteration in perception when circumstances and information prove the former viewpoint or worldview is no longer valid. Documentaries that are related to causes can be part of this process is that it holds the potential to provoke action and evoke an emotional response. The foundation for building a new framework through an application of knowledge is shaped as visual connections are created by the documentary on the viewer. Shifting an individual’s fixed perspective requires an alteration in thinking. Through film, a collective shift in worldview can be activated when enough individuals throughout society know and understand that change is imminent and necessary. Deliberate activation of this process is the goal of the cause related documentarian. Film and media are instrumental in creating and implementing shifts in viewpoints that foster change within the individual and the collective of society.