Date of Award

Fall 2021

Thesis Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Liberal Studies


Theatre Arts


Dr. Marianne DiQuattro

Second Advisor

Dr. Jana Mathews


Using techniques of storytelling, dance, poems, and monologues in the process of re-enacting life stories, the ensemble display issues that may be impeding society’s growth—discrimination against body image, blackness, females, and LGBTQ individuals. In addition, engagement in storytelling and performance can help the audience increase their cognitive skills, empathy, and ability to live a communal life. This evidence-based practice can transform lives and society. It has the potential of continuing to other faculties and with other departments, such as film, musical, and additional narratives. This specific work could be extended out beyond art and education into populations of any communities in need of finding equitable inclusivity and further its maximum potential. This work seeks to help these people identify barriers for further growth by using theatre techniques such as sharing and scripting their life stories. Using real-life stories written by people who have suffered discrimination, a devised ethnodrama Conscious Voices seeks to identify the systematic challenges these people face on a daily basis, that in most cases, are the root-causes of their stress, depression, pain, or disconnection from their environment. Applying the concepts of community, social justice, and equality as a lens, this work will attempt to corroborate, as a universal postulate, that the process of sharing life stories can have transformative effects on the sharing individuals and that theatre techniques, such as conversational topics and scripting, can help identify our weaknesses to create an equitable, inclusive, diverse America. Essential to the transformative component of this work is the devising process of theatre as a mechanism of renewal and support. What social justice devised theatre may offer are the tent posts that uphold the tent of society’s well-being, and henceforth humanity.


Conscious Voices is a play in One-Act.

Rights Holder

Sonia Pasqual

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Thesis Cover Signatures

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Original Annotated Bibliography for thesis research.

Letting the Light In.pdf (234 kB)
Undergrad Students Summer Research article presentation at the American Society for Theatre Research conference, ASTR 2021 San Diego, CA

Conscious Voices Cave poster.pdf (7604 kB)
Performance Poster for June 4, 2021 at the Annie Russell Theatre designed by Nicole Ponce, summer research undergrad student.

609QmJmQ.jpg (14 kB)
Mary Magdalene Painting created for Conscious Voices voice of the feminine unheard.