Date of Award

Spring 5-2019

Capstone Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Master in Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Science


Health Professions

Committee Member(s)

Stephanie Kincaid


Currently, there is a large body of work in the basic and applied literature about schedule thinning and the underlying concepts associated with these procedures. However, some of the terminology used in this research area (e.g., shaping, fading, and thinning) has been applied inconsistently, suggesting that researchers and practitioners might misunderstand these terms. In this paper, I will discuss the unsystematic use of terminology found in the literature describing schedule thinning procedures, as well as other gradual change procedures, more generally. Additionally, I will propose a new taxonomy of gradual behavior change procedures in the hope of creating a more systematic use of the terminology.

Rights Holder

Melanie Agrachov