Date of Award

Spring 1-24-2019

Capstone Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Master in Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Science

Committee Member(s)

Stephanie Kincaid, PhD, BCBA-D



This paper will explore the effects of extinction, specifically the extinction burst. Extinction is known to be an effective and necessary process in decreasing specific behaviors (Iwata, Pace, Kalsher, Cowdery, & Cataldo, 1990). During this process, side effects might occur and the extinction burst is one of those side effects. Extinction bursts might be a problematic side effect, especially during treatment of severe behavior. This paper will explore the extinction burst in detail as well as how the term is used in both the basic and applied literature. Next, an investigation of the extinction burst as a technical term and multiple definitions of the extinction burst will be evaluated. Last an evaluation of an adjusted definition for extinction burst will be considered.

Keywords: Extinction, extinction burst

Rights Holder

Kristal Huffman