Date of Award

Spring 2014

Degree Name

Honors Bachelor of Arts




Alice J Davidson


The present study investigated the associations among gender, gender-typed behavior, and peer acceptance among 4th grade children. The multimethod design of this study allowed the researcher to collect both quantitative survey data and qualitative interview data. Results indicated that boys and girls engaged in activities stereotypical to their gender, and children were similar to their friends in terms of their gender-typed activities. Peer nominations for academic skills were positively associated with measures of social skills. Additionally, students were most excited about the gender conforming boy and girl, and least excited about the gender nonconforming boy, most often citing masculine activities as reasons why they liked the potential peer, and feminine activities as reasons why they did not like the potential classmate. Children’s personal gender scores were also associated with their choice of potential peer. These results are examined in reference to theories of gender development and socialization. The implications of these findings are discussed in terms of their practical application.

Rights Holder

Summer S. Braun