Date of Award

Spring 2018

Thesis Type

Rollins Access Only

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Honors Bachelor of Arts




Dr. Anne Stone

Committee Member

Dr. Rick Bommelje

Committee Member

Dr. Andrew Luchner


This research is an exploration of the skills and perceptions of twenty-one college students enrolled in a Listening course taught by faculty in a Department of Communication. Participants in this study were given the Watson-Barker Listening Test, a quantitative measure of listening skill development. Participants also completed an open-ended questionnaire that was developed for the purpose of identifying perspectives on listening. Questions asked participants to reflect on their beliefs about the role of listening in their lives and their evaluation of it as a component of communication. Results identified a strong, universal declaration of the desire to improve relevant skills and an emphasis on the importance of listening in both personal and professional domains. Thus, conclusions from this study provide support for the notion that listening, as a discipline within the field of communication and consequently education, is perceived as meaningful.

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Sara Nelson