Date of Award

Spring 2017

Thesis Type

Open Access

Degree Name

Honors Bachelor of Arts


Dr. Marc Fetscherin

Committee Member

Dr. Marc Sardy

Committee Member

Dr. Mackenzie Ryan


Purpose – Despite the vast research regarding customer brand relationships, and the positive feelings towards brand, there is little research on negative feelings towards brand. Despite the importance of brand hate and brand forgiveness, no research assesses how brand hate evolve over time and how this relates to brand forgiveness. The purpose of this thesis is to address this gap. Design/Methodology/Approach – We used a multi-method approach. First, we conducted a series of 30 in-depths interviews to explore these concepts and develop our research model. Second, we conducted a survey by using MTurk to obtain U.S. representative sample of 506 respondents. Findings – Findings show that brand forgiveness can be attained depending on which determinant caused the brand hate. Some determinants lead to higher or lower forgiveness. Originality/Value – This thesis explores and outlines theoretically and empirically the determinants and outcomes of brand hate as well as brand forgiveness. It also provides a useful taxonomy of brand hate.

Rights Holder

Alexandra Sampedro