Date of Award

Spring 2023

Thesis Type

Open Access

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Honors Bachelor of Arts




Rosana Diaz-Zambrana

Committee Member

Alberto Prieto-Calixto

Committee Member

Dexter Boniface


From its founding on a colonial system to the current socioeconomic class structure in Bolivia, indigenous rights have been improving in the state. Las cholitas are an Aymaran, indigenous group within Bolivia. This essay looks at the portrayal of cholitas in two different Bolivian films: Los Andes no creen en Dios directed by Antonio Eguino (2007) and Zona sur by Juan Carlos Valdivia (2010). The former is set in the 1920s and the latter in 2010, thus showing the change in status of indigenous people over a 90-year gap. This cinematographic analysis focused on the indicators of the separation of space, derogatory use of the word chola, and roles of servitude to explore the difference in cholita representation in both films.

Rights Holder

Mackenzie Scheer