Date of Award

Spring 2023

Thesis Type

Open Access

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Honors Bachelor of Arts




James Patrone

Committee Member

Laurel Habgood

Committee Member

Brian Mosby, Christopher Fuse


Sorbicillinoids are a rich family of natural products that have intrigued and inspired scientists since their initial discovery in 1948. A recent report by Zhang et al. detailed the discovery of several new monomeric sorbicillinoids that are particularly interesting as they show nitric oxide (NO) inhibition in RAW264.7 monocyte cell assays and thus possess potential as anti-inflammatory agents. Based on this information, obtaining more of these novel compounds and establishing a preliminary structure activity relationship (SAR) could be achieved by modulating the substitution pattern on the molecules’ benzene ring and varying the alkyl chain length. To this end, a flexible convergent synthesis of a simpler analogous compound related to the desired natural products has been devised. This process can also be applied to the exploration of a synthesis for the natural products and further analogs.

Rights Holder

Noah Leslie Devolve

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