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Political Science


Pavielle Haines

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Rachel Newcomb

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Dan Chong


This thesis analyzes national identity maintenance by looking at the communications of three far right political parties in Europe. These parties are Alternativ Für Deutschland, the National Rally party, and the United Kingdom Independence Party. The results of this thesis have highlighted that these parties are concerned about maintaining the national identity of their countries and the worry that immigration coming into the nation will change the national identity. AfD, the National Rally party and UKIP all have different approaches to national identity; AfD is focused upon the family rhetoric and maintaining the family rhetoric to protect the national identity. The National Rally party is concerned that immigration will bring Islam into France and therefore post a danger to French society. UKIP is concerned about the overwhelming number of immigrants entering the United Kingdom. It is evident within the results, that Afd, the National Rally party, and UKIP are worried about maintaining the national identity and adopting anti-immigrant rhetoric within their communications. It is important to understand how these parties can influence their supporters because of the rise of far-right extremism across Europe. To understand far right extremism, it is vital to recognize the methods of crafting the national identity maintenance rhetoric of far-right parties.

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