Date of Award

Spring 2021

Thesis Type

Rollins Access Only

Degree Name

Honors Bachelor of Arts


Biological Science


Jay Pieczynski

Committee Member

Sabrice Guerrier

Committee Member

Bobby Fokidis


Neurons and their signaling properties perform the vital functions of motility and cognition. The essential signaling capabilities of neurons rely on a network of microtubules and motor proteins. This study seeks to clarify the cooperative properties of microtubules and their kinesins by evaluating the transport and release of acetylcholine in the presence of Aldicarb, Colchicine and Taxol. These drug conditions were subjected on wild type and constitutively active klp-4(ok3537) mutant C. elegans. The findings of this study imply that there is a cooperative balance between microtubule acetylation/stability and klp-4 activity which allows for the optimization of signaling properties. When constitutively active, the rate of acetylcholine transport and signaling is limited only by microtubule stability. Whereas the neuronal function of wild type C. elegans is also limited by the autoinhibited properties of unaltered klp-4.

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Isabella Porter

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