Date of Award

Spring 2019

Degree Type



Computer Science


Dr. Valerie Summet

Second Advisor

Dr. Dan S. Myers

Third Advisor

Dr. Robert Miller


Most technology used in the theatre was not originally designed for use in a theatrical setting. A majority of technology that we see on the state has been adapted from another field -- be it music, lighting, or construction -- to fit the production's specifics needs. The very nature of the theatre is that every performance is unique, which established one of the main challenges when creating technology to be used in the theatrical setting. This paper discusses the design, creation, and testing of a program to help stage managers take line notes during rehearsal for a theatrical production. We will begin with an outline of the problem as well as providing background information about theatre productions. We will then discuss related works followed by a discussion of the design of the system, testing and evaluation of the system, and the final results of the study.