The Plague Review Digest

The Plague Review Digest


Ryan Standfest


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Other Contributors

S. William Schudlich, cover design; Pole Ka, cover image

Works by Fred Stonehouse, W.C. Bevan, Eli Valley, Wouter Vanhaelemeesch, Timothy van Laar, Ryan Standfest, Céline Guichard, Yusuke Okada, Anton Gudim, Graem Whyte, Glen Baxter, Archie Scott Gobber.

Issue 1 (April 2020): Erik Ruin, Chloé Poizat, Ryan Standfest, Joanna Ebenstein, Sue Coe, Chris Cilla, Frédéric Coché, Saidjah Vos, Anke Feuchtenberger, Ivy Manska, Chris Wright, Stéphane Blanquet, Henrik Dresher, Martin Rowson, Paul Nudd, S. William Schudlich.

Issue 2 (May 2020): David Opdyke, Amze Emmons, Wouter Vanhaelemeesch, Guy Maddin, David Sandlin, Johnny Damm, Stefano Ricci, D.B. Dowd, Irene Montemurro, Endi Poskovic, David Hughes, W.C. Bevan, Ryan Standfest, Guy Moshayov, Adrian Hatfield, Andrew Kosten, Marie-Pierre Brunel, Elif Varol Ergen, Mats Stromberg.

Issue 3 (June 2020): Ben Jones, Archie Scott Gobber, Conrad Bakker, Martin Rowson, Mark Thomas Gibson, Christopher Sperandio, Corinne Halbert, S. William Schudlich, Glen Baxter, Blaise Moritz, Mark Laliberte, Carmon Colango, Shawn Eisenach, Paull Nudd, Mike Olson, Marcel Dzama, Adam Maida, Ashley Taylor, David Shrigley, Stephanie Balan, Ruthann Godollei, Nicholas Barrome Forgues, Marc Brunier-Mestas, Branden Koch, Sarah Ellis, Mark Matcho.

Issue 4 (October 2020): Christopher Sperandio, Matti Hagelberg, Sarah Randles, Hugleikur Dagsson, Jesse Duquette, Mr. Fish, Ben Jones, Michael Garguilo, Sophie Ester, D.B. Dowd, Martin Rowson, Refael Idan Suissa, Sophy Hollington, Bill Fick, Ashley Taylor, Marc Brunier-Mestas, Rebecca Gilbert, Andrew Ellis Johnson, Piotr Szyhalski, Jochen Gerner, Amze Emmons, Mats Stromberg.


A hefty tome that collects all four issues of The Plague Review, a timely journal of immediate visual responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The Plague Review Digest™ is published by Rotland Press. It collects all four issues of the journal The Plague Review that were published from April to October, 2020. Each installment was originally released to the sheltered-in-place in the form of a free digital publication. These versions have been permanently removed from their online platform for this printed anthology."

"The Plague Review is more mirror than morbid — the mosaic of emotions presented in its pages offer a panorama of the pandemic and the world as we experience it today." — PRINT Magazine


Rotland Press


Pandemic, COVID-19, coronavirus, quarantine, illness, community, government, anthology, collective art


260 pages


Full color, perfect bound.







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The Plague Review Digest