De Las Putas Confesiones (On the Professions of Strumpets)

De Las Putas Confesiones (On the Professions of Strumpets)


Mado Reznik


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"This book has been dreamt as a playing poem. Many years ago I traveled to the town where my mother was born looking for her story and my roots. I got acquainted with the woman who ran a Museum of Immigrants. I took several photos from an old Public Record of Prostitutes, which at the time (the early beginning of the last century) was a law, i.e., every woman that worked as prostitute had to be registered. That was made with my first digital camera.

"A couple of years later I selected some of the pictures and I wrote poems about their dreams and secret wishes. With that in mind I decided to put them names of minor Greek goddesses but for one, the very well-known Helena. I always had the idea of making a playing work. So in 2001 I set a digital movie with the pictures and the poems.

"In 2012 I went back to those faces and words and I made this artist book. This is a box with cubes. When the box is opened there is a mirror with the title for the people to see their own image. Each cube has on their sides the texts and two intaglio photogravures both on Japanese Tengujo paper and handmade paper. This superposition creates a depth effect as if it were a holographic image. There are also two velvet cubes that work as jokers or wild cards. In the end all is nothing but chance." — Mado Reznik


Mado Reznik (self-published)


Latin America, Spanish, Argentina, women, gender, prostitution, sex work, photography, poetry


Box 4.3 x 12.2 x 4.3" containing 9 cubes (7 with text, 2 covered in velvet).




Text printed on handmade paper. Velvet (cubes).


Text in Spanish. Photogravure intaglio on both Japanese Tengujo paper and handmade paper. Title handwritten on a mirror tipped to underside of lid. Pamphlet with English translation of text included.



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De Las Putas Confesiones (On the Professions of Strumpets)