On the Verge: Florida Scrub Jay

On the Verge: Florida Scrub Jay


Maryann Riker


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Nancy Scott


"'On the Verge' is a series of artist's books that follows the original series of 'Winged Ghosts' that encompassed extinct bird species. This series explores bird species that are 'on the verge' of extinction as defined by the National Audubon Society. Bird numbers can be lower than 10,000 or as low as a mating pair. 'On the Verge: Florida Scrub Jay' is a continuation of the Winged Ghosts artist book series on extinct bird species and "The Immigration/Invasive Species" artist books that compared immigration waves to invasive bird species introduced into New York City. I chose to use the old book covers with miniature handles and file label holders to replicate the look of vintage scientific specimen drawers and old ledger journals. This particular artist book highlighting the plight of the Florida scrub jay speaks to the causes of its endangered species status according to the National Audubon Society. Birds are the first link to reflect changes in environment and they serve as a warning sign to humanity as to how pesticides, urban encroachment, and climate change can devastate a species or change its natural environment. With a poem by Nancy Scott, Easton, PA, entitled 'Count Up, Count Down'.'" -Maryann Riker


Maryann Riker (self-published)


Nature, endangered species


5.5" x 9" x .75"




Upcycled hard bound book covers, acetate, paper, metal.





Other Information

Series, variant. Signed by the artist. More information can be found here: http://vampandtramp.com/finepress/j/justarip-press.html

Exhibit Location

This work was featured in the Olin Library as a part of the exhibition “Common Ground: Selected Works from The Rollins Book Arts Collection” from September 18, 2021 – December 31, 2021.

On the Verge: Florida Scrub Jay