For Seventy Years: Loyal to my Family

For Seventy Years: Loyal to my Family


Keiko Ishii


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The third in the series of books by Ishii examining the history of family members that resided in America before, during, and right after World War II. "The back of the 3rd book, For Seventy Years: Loyal to My Family, is based on the Loyalty Test on Japanese internees during the war. This government-issued questionnaire (February 1943) was taken by all adult internees in the camps to verify that they forswear allegiance or obedience to the Japanese emperor and willing to serve in the United States military. This created a tension between the two generations; the first who were born in Japan and could not become American citizens and the second who were naturally American citizens by being born in the U.S.. The historical documents cause the viewers to imagine the complex feelings of many Japanese-Americans who lived through the era would have. The front of this book is a parallel response to the complex history on a personal level. With the questionnaire beneath the family related documents; birth certificates, area map of Tacoma, WA where they lived, midwives' names from the city directory and so on, it obscures the truth whether my family members were loyal or disloyal to the U.S. from myself as a researcher." - Keiko Ishii


Keiko Ishii (self-published)


Social, cultural, political issues


4.9 x 7.4" closed, unfolding to 15 x 19" map.


Folded map




Screenprinted collage of documents.



Other Information

Signed by the author, 2nd edition of 6. (Number 4 of 6 copies). More information can be found here:

Exhibit Location

This work was featured in the Olin Library as a part of the exhibition “Common Ground: Selected Works from The Rollins Book Arts Collection” from September 18, 2021 – December 31, 2021.

For Seventy Years: Loyal to my Family