Giant: a deity with leaves (Deluxe Edition)

Giant: a deity with leaves (Deluxe Edition)


Rebecca Chamlee


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"A towering native oak has stood in a nearby wildland park for over 400 years. This is the story of how the ancient tree became a cherished presence in the life of the artist; a source of wonder, mystery and connection to the natural world. The letterpress printing was done on the Vandercook Universal III power press using Centaur and Arrighi type, cast by M & H Type Foundry and Swamp Press, wood French Clarendon and photopolymer plates on Zerkall Book Wove, handmade Kitakata and Korean Hanji papers. The botanical pages are contact prints on Strathmore Aquarius II watercolor paper. The long stitch binding, sewn with hand-dyed Kinglet Cottage linen thread through a white oak spine, has a cover of contact printed and dyed handmade Indigo watercolor paper. The deluxe edition includes the book housed in a hinged box, lined with Cave handmade paper, a Quercuslobata acorn and Quercus, a suite of prints concealed in a drawer. The acorn included in the deluxe box has been frozen for 12 months, baked for 8 hours and sealed." — Pie in the Sky Press


Pie in the Sky Press


environment, nature, natural world, trees, preservation, botanical prints, botany


64 pages, 7.75 x 11.25 x .75 inches. Box, 9.75 x 12.75 x 2.5 inches. Folder with 8 editioned prints.


Longstitch binding


Handmade paper with imprinted leaves, wood and photopolymer plates, linen thread, white oak spine, watercolor paper, one preserved acorn.


Letterpress printing on handmade paper. Sewn with hand-dyed linen thread.



Other Information

Edition 18 of 30. Booklet and prints signed and numbered by the artist. For more information, visit or

Giant: a deity with leaves (Deluxe Edition)