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Steven Daiber: "The text forming the hurricane patterns are random digital coding and the 1823 quote from John Quincy Adams:

"'There are laws of political as well as physical gravitation; and if an apple severed by its native tree cannot choose but fall to the ground, Cuba, forcibly disjoined from its own unnatural connection with Spain, and incapable of self-support, can gravitate only towards the North American Union which by the same law of nature, cannot cast her off its bosom.' - US Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, April 1823

"Over printed on the reverse cover paper is an image of the 50 black flags installed in front of the US Interest Section in 2006 protested the Bush administration and an image of the US Embassy taken from where the flag poles were installed and removed in 2020."

United States Interests Section in Havana, Wikipedia, 7/24/20: "The United States Interests Section of the Embassy of Switzerland in Havana, Cuba or USINT Havana … represented United States interests in Cuba from September 1, 1977, to July 20, 2015. It was staffed by United States Foreign Service personnel and local staff employed by the US Department of State, and located in a multi-story office building on the Malecón across from the Plaza de la Revolución in Havana. The mission resumed its role as the Embassy of the United States in Cuba on July 20, 2015, following the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

"In January 2006, USINT Havana began displaying messages on a scrolling 'electronic billboard' in the windows of their top floor, including the George Burns quotation, 'How sad that all the people who would know how to run this country are driving taxis or cutting hair.' Following a protest march, the Cuban government erected a large number of poles, carrying black flags with single white stars, obscuring the messages. In June 2006, Granma International referred to the billboard as 'the systematic launching of the crudest insults of our people via the electronic billboard, which, in violation of the most elemental regulations of international law, they think they can maintain with impunity on the facade of that imperial lair.'

"In June 2009, the electronic billboard was turned off, because according to the US State Department, the billboard was not effective in delivering information to the Cuban people."


Red Trillium Press


Havana, Cuba, protest, Cuban art, international relations, politics


6 x 9.5"


Altered book


Textbook pages, ink


Silkscreen and lithography on Cuban school textbook.



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Edition 3 of 5. Hand numbered by the artist. For more information, visit