Miami Beach: A State of Things

Miami Beach: A State of Things


Ashley Fuchs


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"'Miami Beach: A State of Things' is an artist book that explores the future environmental impacts on Miami Beach through Risograph and Letterpress printing.

"The book is folded in varying dimensions to create unique compositional moments—allowing viewers to see the whole or see individual scenes within the book. The visuals are inspired by architecture details like the MacArthur Causeway Bridge, historic maps, and images of events in Miami Beach. These are depicted with compositions of wood type letterforms, to help portray climate change’s potential and drastic impact on Miami Beach’s historical community." — Tipping Point, Mid America Print Council

Minimal but powerful text discusses the growth and importance of the city’s infrastructure throughout history and more importantly, the fear that it might not last much longer. The front panel, stating “evacuation routes may vanish under the ocean in an emergency,” shows the growing threat of global warming on the city of Miami Beach. The strategic use of orange accents and bold black type, work in the idea of urgency surrounding what needs to be done in order to combat the continuous rise in water levels and to prevent the loss of the wonders of Miami Beach to the detriments of climate change and inundation.


Mid America Print Council


environment, Florida, architecture, climate crisis


12.5” x 19” unfolded


Single-page print


Paper, woodblock letterpress


Letterpress and Risograph



Other Information

Edition 94 of 100. Signed by the artist. Featured in Tipping Point, Mid America Print Council: v. 32/33, p. 22–23. For more information, visit

Miami Beach: A State of Things