In the Blood, In the Mind

In the Blood, In the Mind


Claudia Prado


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"Illness is something that can happen unexpectedly and abruptly. Whether it be because society and our education system has not sought to teach and educate us enough about the variety of illnesses/disorders out there and how we might recognize the signs/symptoms or we do not consider the value in monitoring our health unless sickness does come, this book explores both as it educates about anemia and narrates my personal mental processing of when I was diagnosed with the condition. The structure of the book contains ‘windows’ with transparent paper whose simplistic yet vibrant imagery magnifies the way anemia works in the bloodstream progressively while the text informs on the matter, mirroring how I learned more about what was going on in my body, then narrating how my mind processed it. Illness in many cases is also something whose primary effect on us is physical, but what many disregard is how those same conditions can affect someone mentally. It causes one to face new limits on what you can do, question how you take care of yourself, and feel stressed or concerned about treatment outcomes and the future. Things such as illness can happen in life unexpected, which can take a mental toll on the mind in addition to what it is physically doing to the body, but as said in the last statement of the book, 'Try not to dwell on the what ifs, just focus on what can be done now.' This is both a reminder to myself and other dealing with illness to not be stuck on the past in how things could have been dealt with or what could have been done to prevent things from happening, but what we might do to help ourselves and others as I do now with my book to create awareness and bring up questions on how society deals with illness as a whole; educationally and medically." — Claudia Prado


Claudia Prado (self-published)


illness, disorders, disability, body, health, diagnosis, science, biology, anemia











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This work was featured in University of Central Florida exhibition "15th Annual Student Book Arts Competition," 2021.

In the Blood, In the Mind